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Johnny I obviously didn't do a good job of explaining myself. Your photos are fairly large and take up about 3/4 of my screen top to bottom. Its my seeing a 1/4 of the next photo at the same time that is taking away from the one above it. I know this may seem petty but it looks like if a forum can resize an over sized photo it ought to be able to size it to a full screen. Or ..... and I'm just speculating, there should be a command available to whomever uploads the list of 5 photos in the string to create a separate page /screen for each one. Then the viewer could scroll through like a slide show and see one clean single image at a time. There's a command for justifying right, left and center for photos so why not allow as an option of 5 separate pages/screens for 5 photos? Its not necessary but I think larger photos in particular would look better done that way. The down side may be its more costly to the forum to do that. I don't know. Web site programming is something I know nothing about but I note on major photo sponsoring web sites its one image to a screen unless its done as an index collage. But they are dedicated to that purpose and it may not be practical here. If it is, then adding a photo frame automatically can separate the image by a clear visual separation. That unfortunately creates a lot of additional work and many people wouldn't want to go to all that much trouble. But framing still seems to have more of an application (benefit) to larger formatted photos from a visual perspective. Putting a frame on a small image is distracting by comparison and I don't know where to separate the two sizes either.

I'm sorry for the confusion!

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