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These are AWESOME Johnny but I'm going to make a comment in one area. I invite others to comment on my comment. I don't mean to be out of line here but I'm looking for answers.
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These are REALLY good photos! Like I said they are AWESOME to me. But because of that I'm somewhat distracted by seeing a full image and a partial image of the followup photo on my screen at the same time. In my mind images of this quality don't deserve to be jammed together like this so close. I'm sure many people can look at one image and blank out other partial images but I can't. I like to study the detail and appreciate every aspect of stuff like this. Seldom do I just look at a photo. I really do take them in, maybe because I appreciate the effort and recognize most everyone does better than I do. I truly don't know what the options are on the forum for offsetting photos more and would like to know how to do a better job. These photos are an excellent example to launch this discussion. Maybe Jim can offer a comment on this. I think being jammed so close takes away some of the beauty of each one. Maybe I'm expecting too much here. I know they are going to show differently on different size screens set at different resolutions. But is there a way to post a string and cause each image to fill the screen individually to reduce distraction or at least be separated more? Jim are there any guidelines on how to do this? I have added blank lines in the past but that never seems to work for me unless it has text in it.

Johnny you do far greater work than I ever will. I guess without realizing it I found myself expecting more than them being presented as a string of quick snapshots like I would produce. Most photos that just show things in general are OK to do this but for some reason to me these photos deserved more. In art it is said a frame causes one to focus on the artwork and it can enhance or detract from it. Hopefully I will learn something as a result of this comment that I can use should I ever produce this quality of an image. Maybe posting them separately would be my only option to achieve what I envision. So I suppose this is more of a question on what do people think is the best format for showing photos and what options exist on the forum to frame or offset photos better?

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