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I think people are funny ... don't you?

I post two photos which really mean nothing to me but the main discussion is about Geico commercials. Now don't anyone go off half cocked thinking I'm being critical because I'm not. I do the same thing. I think several people know I have posted comments related to the actions of Sheldon on "The Big Bang Theory." Well my mind honestly works the same way sometimes by shifting from one thought to another in a staccato fashion and back again because I guess I get easily distracted. Like I may be doing something and it reminds me of something else which reminds me of something else which reminds me of something else! Please somebody slap me or I'll say it again. I hope no one is offended but sometimes I get more enjoyment from some of the posts and the string of thoughts that results than the actual post. So this morning while I'm working at home I accidentally hit the wrong icon link on the computer screen and ended up here and saw more comments on my post. I couldn't help but start to laugh. I hope no one gets mad when I'm guilty of doing the same thing. In fact you can believe my next task is to find out what do these guys mean robot commercial? Ha! Ha! Ha! Its these kind of off subject things that make me feel comfortable with this forum family. Its more like we are conversing in general and not critiquing all the time.

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