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Re: Thanks! I got his 22 cak pellet rifle replaced last evening. This morning ....
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I've got a .177 Ruger Air Hawk. The Rugers are made in China also, and for the most part are clones of the Diana 36?? rifles.
Or at least mine is.. It's pretty similar to the one in your first pictures, but a .177 and not a .22. I can see that he had the appx
same Ruger scope that I have. It comes with most of them I think, and is a true air rifle scope. If there is a weak point in those,
I think it's the mounts.. There are better mounts that you can get for those.. Likely better scopes too, but I'm cheap and have
been making do with the Ruger scope, or use the fiber optic sights..

One thing about the high power air rifles is they have so much power, that with light pellets, it's pretty easy to go supersonic.
And when that happens, accuracy goes down the drain as the pellets get squirrely.. You can tell when they go supersonic from
the obviously louder "crack" that you will hear, which almost makes them sound like a .22. Mini sonic boomette.. lol
With my Ruger, I found it does better with the heavier pellets, which keep the speed down under supersonic speeds.
I was trying the various shapes, and found mine likes the "wadcutter" pellets the best, the hollow points almost as good,
but it didn't like the pointy pellets too much. I think the reason is with the sleek pointy shape, they go faster, and get near supersonic..
And thus start getting squirrely.. All of those three shapes I tried were all standard weight pellets.. IE: appx 7.9?? or so grain if
I remember right. You likely want to totally avoid the light alloy pellets, as they will go really fast, and the accuracy generally down
the drain. I haven't even bothered trying those, knowing how mine was getting to the edge of supersonic just with standard weight
pointed pellets, and it not liking them too much.

I bought the pellet rifle to plink with mainly because of the problem with getting .22 ammo the last couple of years or so.
I have a Ruger 10-22 I use a good bit. But it's been so hard to get ammo, or at least the bulk packs, that I have been sitting on
all the .22 ammo I have, and instead just plink with the pellet rifle. And to me, it's about as much fun as the .22 anyway when
just popping cans, paper and such.
Anyway, I can tell you that my Ruger prefers heavier pellets that keep the speed down. And does not like pointed pellets much
at all. You can tell an obviously difference right off the bat from the wadcutters, or even the hollow points. You would think
wadcutters might not be too accurate, but mine seems to like those the best of what I've tried so far. Probably because they
go the slowest of the bunch I bet. I don't have a way to test speeds, but that's my hunch on those.

This is the one I have.. The scope is not on it in this picture, but I think it's the same one as on his .22 version.

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