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I hear ya!
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hard to change when you have so much invested.. I was gonna buy the 7DII and upgrade from the 7D, but then the D7100 was on sale for less than half the price of that so figured I would buy one of those and give it a go first to see what I like best.(of course it cost me another 2200 bucks for a lens so didnt save me anything :)
I had a lot of expensive 4/.3rds stuff, but since they stopped making it I just figured I would move on, taking a big hit selling them, but not getting much use so may as well get rid of them... The Nikon has great DR, but tends to blow out reds more than whites..
Highlights on the canon was the hardest thing for me to recover as well, had to underexpose anything that had bright white a stop or two, but I I tend to do that anyway... The nikon was the hardest one for me to use so far for remembering how to set things and button layout etc, but just not used to it, and its getting easier, just hate I have to take my eye from viewfinder to change some things as I fumble for correct buttons..
I wasn't too keen on the canon controls at first too, but caught on to them pretty quick, very hard to use 3 different systems but after a while you start remembering where everything is..
Not sure if the 5D III has same control latout as the 7D.. I never did get to used to the placement of rear dial on the canon, not sure why they didn't just have a dial at top in rear like everyone else
The Nikon placement on dials and AF changes is strange to me also... and shutter button is a bit to far back for me, they have the on off switch right about where I would like the shutter to be, I even turned it off and on a few times trying to shoot with it at first :)
. My Olympus bodys had the best placement and configurability for me on dials and buttons, but couldn't track very well at all.. As I said before sure wish I could wrap all three up with heir best points into one system

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