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Re: Awesome! I really like the 4th one (yellow). What is it?

Still a beautiful shot.. do you shoot raw Ron? use lightroom? its one of the things I like on the Nikon, much more forgiving to recover highlights and shadows compared to my Canon and Olympus.. actually thinking of buying the new d7200 now, the d7100 lacks a lot in buffer, other than that I am pretty happy with it, getting ready to sell off my remaining 4/3rds body and just keeping my mirror less version, still up in the air on keeping the 7D or not..also thinking of picking up the sigma 150-600 Sports lens when its released, but waiting to see some examples.. its a grand more than the Tamron or the C version of the Sigma, but maybe worth it if its sharper than those.. right now I am seeing some pretty good stuff from the guys using the Tamron version, pretty good bang and reach for the buck

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