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Re: I am also interested in th eanswers to Wrangler's questions

The dirt road that fronts my OK property has been seeing some fairly serious erosion on some parts. You had mentioned
using a piece of fence with weight on it to kind of level it out. Another problem is down the road a ways where a guy that
had a section, trimmed out all the brush that borders a creek that crosses the road. I don't know what he was thinking,
as it makes the road much more susceptible to eroding at the point where the creek and small cement bridge is.

He even mowed the grass down to where it couldn't really hold the dirt in place. The last time I was there in Nov or so,
I tried to lay out some tree limbs and rocks to try to slow the erosion down, so the dirt couldn't fall down the hill onto the
creek bank. I'll keep doing more of that every time I go up there. Kind of hard to describe the issue without pictures..
I also grab rocks and place them in low areas where the dirt in the road erodes and washes downhill.
Hoping that can slow the erosion down, and it also fills in the ruts and low spots. It's a never ending battle.. :/
I do a bit every year to try to keep sort of on top of it. I had a wagon I kept up there which was handy to haul rocks
and such around, but someone stole it.. Need to get another as it sure made it a lot easier.

The part around the creek used to be no problem at all until the idiot cleared everything away.. And then he sold out
and doesn't even own that property anymore.. :( Sure caused me a lot of potential grief. I have enough to worry about
with just the road itself. But if that bank along the creek and cement "bridge" washes out, the road will fall out and run
down the hill onto the property he had, and also the creek bank. I was thinking about placing some kind of barrier to
keep the dirt in place along side of the road.. IE: a piece of corrugated tin, or some boards, or whatever I can dig up.

The road itself is no problem for any truck, but I usually go up there in my car, which doesn't have the greatest clearance.
I've been pondering getting someone with a grader, bobcat, or whatever to go over it and level it back out.
Actually, the county really should be doing it, as they do the other roads around there, but one end of the road fronting
my place is totally washed out at another creek east of me, and they don't ever do that part of the road as they can't go
all the way through.
And it's so far gone at the washed out part, that it would take some really serious work to repair it. So I'm not expecting
that to happen. :(
I saw one of the county guys with a grader doing the county road going in a couple of years ago, and talked to him about it.
He said he would look into it, but nothing was done so far.

The problem I have with the road itself is it is a hill leading up to my place from the creek, and the dirt washes down the hill
towards that creek. That then leaves the rock exposed with low spots. My place is at the top of the hill where it's level, and
the road is in good shape where I'm at. Need to push that washed out dirt back up the road, and cover up the low spots
where the rock is exposed. So really need a grader or whatever to do that.

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