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Re: That's a lot of work just to get a modular home on your property...

Yep I have looked at many options. I still haven't decided yet and the bids that we will get this month will determine which direction we will go. I prefer the modular which is a form of manufactured housing (some say trailer) because it is stronger than conventional stick housing. I require 150 MPH wind loading and bracing even though the local code is 130 mph. All of the exterior walls will be wrapped in 1/2 inch of OSB over 2x6 studs instead of conventional 2x4 with only corner wind bracing. Then I will have plank siding over the OSB. Minimum ceiling clearance at the exterior wall will be 9 feet instead of the usual 8 feet and the roof slope will be 6'x 12'. I will have a 10'x30' front and 20'x10' back porch and a 26'x32' garage which includes an 8' x 26' storage room. The house proper will be 67'x 32' minimum and we are getting bids on an alternative floor plan of 67'x44'. I will be doing it in phases with the porches and garage done last. I can't afford to build it all at one time so after I sell the house we are in I will complete the plan. The steeper roof slope is the biggest problem and expense for modular housing and will be a bit unusual. But regardless, due to the fact my gate entrance was located in a tight reverse curve, I had to take out the tree you see in the photo and widen the entrance just to turn a 60' flat bed semi full of lumber on sight that would carry the roof trusses. We have a lot of rain and frequent rain so mold is a problem here. The average humidity is 65 to 72 percent so getting something that is basically built in a dry environment and delivered has its advantages over a long drawn out 4 month construction process. Actually it only takes about a month to build one but its the many intermittent government inspections that drags out the process so much. The time element and the fact there is a 30% waste of materials you pay for on a stick house drives up the cost per square foot. So what I really want is the structural capacity of a modular unit with the look of a stick house built in less than a month and a half. Since I have done many house design plans as far back as 1966 I understand the pros and cons. Any way I can reduce cost and achieve a higher quality structure is the way I will go. :)

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