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Re: I am also interested in th eanswers to Wrangler's questions

I have put the soil on the other side of the barn where I will be spreading it out. On that side the topsoil is sand down about 3 feet and erodes a lot. After I spread it out I will use my tiller to mix it in to reduce the erosion over there. Nothing gets wasted on my farm! :lol :lol :lol Everything is recycled. All the wood I cut up that wasn't used for firewood by my family or neighbors was used to line ditches to stop erosion in valleys. That's where I dig worms now for fishing. But I've only been fishing one week the last 4 years. When I get through with this project I am going to start creating an 80 x 60 foot house pad by grading and mixing in clay with the sand and leveling it off because I have a 3 foot slope on the house site.

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