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Yes the Nikon
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I am thinking I should dump the zoom and buy a prime, I hate zooms I probably should have saved money got a 300 F4 and a TC for 420MM, this lens is sharp as long as its not too far away.. I may buy a used 300MM and see how it is before deciding, I picked up a used 1.4x II already.. anything faster costs a fortune.. I like every body I have now for different things.. but the Nikon sure has the best DR of all of the ones I have, no problem with shadows and highlights like I have with the canon, but I think the canon tracks just a hair better.. I almost bought the 7D II instead of this but figured teh Nikon was half the price and with near the same specs and better in some respects.. and I get to try another system.. once I figure out what ones I want to stay with I might think of getting one good fast long lens.. I hate toting those monsters around though... Olympus is coming out with a 300 F4 for my OMD EM-1 mirrorless, but I want to see how other say it tracks before investing in that one.. it is nice being able to carry that little body though and I still like Olympus colors best

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