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Re: This might best be posted in the Relic Forum but hey!

Dang.. You keep coming up with all kinds of goodies. Must have been some fairly strong Civil War activity on your land.
All I ever find on mine are loads of modern slugs which were shot by one of the previous owners.. Lots of what looks to
be .45 colt, some .40 S&W, etc...
Myself, I've always been a dig it all detector unless I'm in a obvious nail field from roofing or whatever..
Some of the low ID hits end up being pretty interesting finds. And it's just one less thing to detect in the future, being some
targets can mask other targets. Rusty iron will usually ID both and high and low. The low from the iron, and the high from the
rust, which is highly conductive. Where as coins and such will almost always ID quite stable and not bounce around.

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