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The truth is I'm really not that different from you on 90% of what you say. I probably differ only in approach a bit (not a lot) and believing first and foremost I don't post for other people as much as for myself. That means I share to offer up something I believe others can enjoy if they want to. If you will, its a small gift. So I have no real expectations for other people to respond, don't feel they have to or need to. If I has those expectations it wouldn't be a gift and what would be the point of Christmas if I expected everyone I share with to have to share with me. When they do respond I really appreciate it though. That means how much work I put into posting doesn't and shouldn't matter.

Philosophically I look at it that not everyone has the same interests or level of interest that I have. I know you are serious and dedicated to photography. I also think your outlook is largely because photography has been part of your profession. You unlike most know the effort and level of expertise you must employ. Therefore I suspect you don't see some as giving due regard to the profession. I would never call myself a photographer because it would be a disservice to a photographer. I have no problem with saying I have done some photography but that's a far cry from being a professional. As I have said before, having studied the theory and various technical aspects is no more reality than a male doctor actually giving birth to a baby. That's because he's not a female. Knowing a bit about something doesn't always make you qualified for the challenge.

I can live with and respect your position because I believe I understand where you are coming from. But that doesn't mean that would be my position on every point nor would I have the expectations of others that you do. For you its personal. For me its not. At the same time, in my profession I'm far more critical than you and not appreciated for my outspokenness on exactly the same points of dedication, seriousness, effort, and so on. OH! Like you I have been heavily criticized in my profession for speaking on issues that when others speak out its OK. We have the same problem in that its really our approach. Again like you, I have taken the position I don't care many times. What you see is what you get! Like I've said, we are more alike that you may know. This statement is not intended to be a criticism of you either. As a parallel or analogy, when I was younger I used to get mad when people in the family said you are just like your dad. Why? In my mind I could only conger up all the things I didn't like in my dad. But the truth is it took a long time for me to understand I was manifesting the same attitude regardless of whether I had the same bad habits. Our perception of self is often a long way from reality and we survive by the grace and patience of others sometimes. As to Dudley and Dave, each had their own style and expertise. I both respected and appreciated their contributions and wish both were still doing so here.

Yes you are right about my understating Jim's contributions. I concur with your assessment 100%. But I had no fear that he interpreted my appreciation for his contributions in the same light. As strange as it may seem to many, the people I have respected the most and contributed the most to my life are those who were outspoken. They like you offered me their version of the truth and something I could work from. My assessment of the truth is always in question as it relates to me because of an inherent bias. I thank you for your honesty and boldness towards me. But not everyone can hack our approach. Good or bad, we are what we are!

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