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Re: A wood carving I just finished

On line you can buy e-books on hand carving for only a few dollars. I bought some a couple of years ago. They are out of print texts with many in the 1800's with extensive drawings and discussions on different materials to carve and suitability and even pretreatment. In fact some come as a set of books for $10 or less. You find it worthwhile looking up some. Here's a sample link of one I bought or its similar to one I bought. Its 147 books on one CD for $10. That's hard to beat. I'm not pushing this one at all I remember when i started looking there were at least a dozen people making copies of texts from the Library of Congress and also British texts where the copyrights had expired. After you do some for a while you will make your own tools that fit your hand size and grip. That adds to the pleasure too. Every small piece I ever made was given away. I was raised around old men who cat fished part of the time and played music or carved the rest. They believed if you didn't have a Barlow knife and whittled you were in the wrong social group. But for $10 you won't get more ideas and examples. One warning! Some of the texts sound like its carving but in the old books that also translates into lathe working and furniture making which also may have only a section on carving.

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