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Now Kenny

You are the very one that told me you didn't care about what other forums do and here you are using other forums to make a point like I did, truth is Kenny I really don't care about other forums ether, only this one, I can not make someone post, I only wish they would, that is what makes a forum, that is what makes a good forum is people posting, I have no clue what people think, only if they post, but I will tell you the limb brain excuses I been hearing is pure bull hockey, The drive by shooters who don't give a dam about anyone else but there own picture, ya, you know who you are, then you have people who come in here and preach about how real nice you need to be to other people and they must be preaching from the pull pit, because I don't see them being nice.

Your right there are web site that are virtually dead, it's because people are lazy, selfish, bunch of %^&*&%$# that flat don't care, and then there are people that can't take a joke, let Dudely or Dave say something it's ok, but let me say something OMG all hell breaks lose.

I suspect some feel like what they contribute is inferior to others and that adds to their pressure? what is this? What Pressure? all they have to do is post, I don't care what it is. they will feel shorted if they don't post.

Jim has done a good job at keeping this site going! That's wrong, Jim has done a OUTSTANDING EXCELLENT Job keeping this site going and I really, really appreciate Jim. Now if only if people would be more like Jim it would be fine dandy.

I'm out spoken, I am older, wiser and don't care what people think about what I say, but at the same time I'm not going to apologize for it ether, I will always speak my mind, it's just the way I am. at the same time I will help people here all I can, all they have to do is ask, I will go out of my way to help people.

Now here is the biggest problem, it takes a lot of effort for someone to post, some do it for fun, some are really into it, some like Jim puts a lot of effort into it, My question is if no one leaves a response then they must not care much, so just why would that person want to post more? What give a person a incentive to post again? If no one cares I sure wouldn't want to post anymore and you know that don't you, that is what will drive a forum to death, so you want it to die just keep it up, we will see how far it gets.

Post people, Post Please and happy New Year to you all.

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