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Re: Very colorful! Same to you and yours and even Dudley :lol

Most of the people that have emailed me about the Photo Forum merely express their departure as just taking a rest and looking around. But in their statements are a desire for a more relaxed and less competitive environment. They want to look and only on occasion as they feel comfortable, contribute rather than feeling like they have to contribute to be a part of the Forum.

I suspect some feel like what they contribute is inferior to others and that adds to their pressure. Even so I regularly receive emails about what they have looked at and those comments are most favorable of yours and Jim's photos. That shouldn't cause others I haven't mentioned here to feel shorted. After all, both of you are not just very talented and adept at it but ya'll submit more photos historically. So their is naturally more to be impressed with. I'm sure things will pick up as Spring approaches and people have more readily available subject material that they like to submit.

This Forum is no different than any of the other Forums at this web site right now in terms of a reduction of participation. You can look at several you would think you would find a lot of posts right now such as Hunting, Indian Artifacts, Bottle Digging, etc., and there hasn't been more than a few posts in 2 months. Its the same right now on several other photo forums and web sites. So I don't think it is anything to be concerned about. Its cyclic. I looked at some of the numbers for looking at posts rather than the actual posting knew things and there's not a lot of difference from last year in this Forum versus other Forums on this web site that are virtually dead. Jim has done a good job at keeping this site going! The worse thing is for people to become discouraged about it. Just keep posting as you feel comfortable and things will come around.

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