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A wood carving I just finished

A few years I tried wood carving, after I cut my fingers about 7 times I said that is enough, I wanted to try again and after watching someone, he was using a Kevlar glove, so for about 4 weeks now I have started carving again with a Kevlar gloves, I have not cut my fingers as of yet :) (knock on wood), but I have learned a lot watching other people, I really am enjoying it and don't planed to stop, I want to get good at it, so I will keep at it.

This little man is about 5.75" tall and about 2" wide I just finished painting him today, then antique him, signed the bottom #5 2015.

I'm not good enough to carve hands yet, so I put his hands in his pocket.

See the back pockets I carved in his overalls and the cute little but :)

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