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We had a cat like that!

But our cat was a huge tiger colored cat and it was a time in history when my wife and I walked around the block every day for about 8 months. The block was 1 mile around. Our cat walked in front of us like an attack dog not on a leash. We have seen it run and attach two dobermans and send them packing. In reality i know had the dogs not been so afraid they could easily killed the cat. But all the neighbors knew that cat. But it had a bad habit. Our neighbor across the street had a huge either Siamese or Burmese cat, I don't know which but it stayed in its own yard. About once a month our cat had to go over and teach the other cat who was boss. The next morning our cat looked like it had been run through a meat grinder. I got tired of paying the vet bills and regularly started stitched it up myself. But the other cat looked like it had never been touched and sat on the top of their wood fence twitching its tail back and forth saying come on over tough guy and I'll show you who is boss again! :lol :lol :lol

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