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I saw one attack one of our cats several years ago...
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I know Great Horned owls will take domestic cats, but did not think a hawk tried. He picked the wrong cat however...Bobo. Bobo was half nuts & the other half was insane. He was smallish and nothing but sinew and muscle and nothing messed with him. He stayed like a roll of coiled spring ready to unroll. I happened to be on the back porch and was surprised to see a raptor travel through the woods about 25 feet in front of me. It happened so quick, but I was looking for a squirrel or other rodent to be on the ground. Nope...he hit Bobo broadside and dug in with one footfull of talons. Bobo sprung like a piece of spring steel and raked that bird with everything he had. Feathers flew and Bobo was now rolling on the ground with the hawk in tow. The hawk was attempting to make an escape, but Bobo would have no part of it. He raked at his tail end as he ran and finally got airborne. I was scared for our cat and it all was over in a few seconds; but I doubt if that raptor ever returned for another piece. Bobo had a chunk of flesh missing from his shoulder about the size of an old silver dollar, but he wore it proudly. I did take him to the vet to get tended to, but no ends of skin to sew up...just a gaping hole where hide used to be. She patched it and let it heal on its own.

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