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Just got my cable back

was out for 2 days because of the snow storm, only lost power for a couple hours but it too them two day to get cable back... hope everyone had a good thanksgiving.. lots of trees down, I spent most of the holiday cutting up branches and clearing out the yard, one of my pines went down in teh neighbors yard, that was a royal pain it had so many branches and I had to vut them all one at a time and drag em off with heavy snow still sticking to them

Wed about 2 hours in, the pine still stands

after it stopped Yest AM, pine is down on the left we didnt get a lot of snow maybe 8 inches but it was wet and heavy, took down a lot of trees and branches with all teh weight

at sea level at river not much snow at all this AM

Long shot of the Catskills in distance

this male Harrier flew by me right in the park while I was down there... odd place for them to be, usually I only see them at the grasslands, he must have been looking for open ground

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