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That's not always the case as far as the rabies, but it often can be. Some do come out in the daytime that are not sick.
We have em around here, and the possums too.. Had a raccoon get in my attic and have a batch of babies a couple
of years ago. They can really tear up stuff, and their doo-doo can have some bad stuff in it, including worms that
can make people real sick. So I didn't want them up there. I finally got it to leave, along with it's babies, by constantly
spraying ammonia up in the attic with a spray bottle. After about three days, it decided to pack up and leave.

I was watching for it, and set up newspaper in the hole it was getting in through to tell me when it left for the night.
When it left, I went out and sealed the hole up so they couldn't get back in. Problem solved. :)
I've seen them running around at night, and once saw two big ones standing out in the yard a couple of houses away
one night when returning from the store. Big and fat critters they were. I suspect one of them I saw was the one I had
to chase away, as it was right after I had chased the one out of my attic.

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