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That oughta wash down the turkey.. :)
I don't drink a whole lot of beer these days, but when I do, it's only good stuff.
Prefer the darker stuff, along with the good stouts. But some of the lighter stuff is pretty good.
Real Ale makes some really tasty stuff, and their lighter stuff is just about as tasty as the darker stuff.
This is what is in my box at the moment. With Real Ale, I usually get the sample packs which give you
three types, two of each per six pack. All are real tasty. And I still have a few of the Black Lager's,
which are pretty good, but not quite as good as the Real Ale to my taste buds. Not bad at all though..
In the past Real Ale used to also bundle the green label Pale Ale, which is good, but don't have any
of that right now. Real Ale probably makes my favorite everyday stuff when compared to most
everything in the country. And it's home grown here in Blanco, Tejas.

And once a year around Christmas the local St. Arnold brewery spits this stuff out. Really yummy stuff,
and probably one of my all time favorites. Best stout I've ever tried so far. I've had batches the last two
years, and eagerly await this years batch, which should be out pretty soon. I grab it by the 12 pack boxes
when it hits the stores.

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