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The problem is our cat eats on the back porch and they smell the food. It gets up on top of the barbque grill when they arrive including a possum or two. They gang up on the cat. I generally shoot

one or two a year now since the game warden said next time he would cite me for transporting live racoons and putting them out. I was putting them out 3 miles from the nearest subdivision at a wildlife conservation area. The idiot. I told him its illegal to shoot them in a residential area and they are destroying my porch screens and I have a right to protect my property. He said yes but not in the city. I told him he was an idiot because I live in the county. He wasn't too happy and he was standing on my property at the time because I called for removal. They said they won't do it and the local humane society will only pick up domesticated nuisance animals. Now I have a super quiet device and I'm tired of burying them. They just keep coming. So they know where the food is.

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