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Hi folks ! Been a while since i've posted. Last week-end we went to sleep in automn and woke up in winter :( Gee mid-november and already the snow stays on the ground :(

Oh well, might as well shoot a little inside. I have a club contest coming soon ( last week i won both first prizes in the to cathegories we had :p ) So to keep it up, i was practicing on a technique i never played with before. It's called zoom-in, you might already know about that. You have to zoom in while the shot is been taken, so you need a long exposure.

So i had an idea. I have an optic fiber lamp and a crytal deer.... why not experiment ? First shot is a steady shot just to show the subject:

I like the first pic anyway, but it's not a zoom in, so out of question. So I tryed a few shots, it's tricky because you need a steady hand! To better see the subject, you need to leave it for a few seconds steady, and then zoom in for the light effect. Here is the results... might be the pic i'll submit.

Here a few other shots made on the Xmass tree. I have to double check if the contest isn't after hollidays, so they might loose their punch... It will be hard to make a choice

And a last one done on a small lamp

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