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They are very good about posting regs at all ramps and public access points. Even in some lakes

with private property access they have signs in the water at key points saying where you can get the applicable regs. It used to frustrate me but having monitored several of the lakes for over 20 years I have seen the benefits of their experimentation in fish management. After a bit they change similar bodies of water to one type of management reg. The result has been optimization of bass and pan fish production. Sometimes there are overlaps in management areas and that results in a pain. For example we may share a water body with Georgia that has different regs. Usually the one that gets applied is based upon what ramp location the entered the body of water at but that's not always the case. For example a lot of Georgia people will come in from the Georgia side intentionally and boat in 20 miles or more to get inside Florida to catch the Georgia limit of specks and bluegill and head back north. I don't mean a few people but when the fish are on bed there are hundreds of boats almost lining the Florida shores near grass lines. Sometimes the game officers will cite them for being over the creel limit but not enough. Its all political. Florida also stocks fish that Georgia doesn't like striped, white and sunshine bass. So it gets to be a contest sometimes between the locals and Georgia fishermen. I avoid fishing during the bedding times and wish it was illegal because they deplete the fish something fierce during that period. You will sometimes see a boat with 20 poles hanging off it.

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