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Excellent photos! I've seen my share of those.
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The first house I bought in 1967 was literally 150 feet across a field from a "Tee" intersection of a railroad. Since Tee intersections are really sharp curves the railroad had signs and warnings along the intersecting lines to slow down and gave a maximum speed entering the curve. But for some reason they didn't always comply and or the ties became rotted such that under the stress of the trains entering the curves the rails would separate enough that at least once every 2 years for the 8 years I owned it there was a derailment. No one was ever hurt and they just used a special RR crane to pick up the cars and axles which usually separated and they would put them back on the track a 1/4 mile away while they fixed /patched that one section about a 1000 feet long. We were very lucky that none of the derailed cars ever turned out to be chemical cars even though every day they passed by. But I sure picked up a lot of free grain and gave it away to people who had animals.

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