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Enjoyed these tidbits Johnny .... well all except No 5 which I find amusing. Sorry Johnny I got on a role on this one and its not about you. Its about idiots that come up with such theories.

Makes you wonder if the person developing that theory speaks bird. How in ALLAH'S name would a bird know to grow or how to grow extra brain cells to remember where it cached seeds? Would that make it higher on the intelligence scale than a human who can't manage a checkbook (based upon all the credit card debt that exists) let alone increase his/her brain cells. They do call people like that bird brains don't they? Sounds like he/she is sold on modern instant evolution for this to happen so quickly. Even more impressive is how the idiot who performed the experiment to determine the purpose of the extra cell use established that fact. How does he or she know it wasn't born with them already? Don't you have to know how many cells they had to begin with to know if they grew additional ones? After all if he counted the cells, that particular bird is dead. So how does a dead bird grow more brain cells? yeeeessssh :lol :lol Oh I know! Either the new cells are from the survivors of the brain cell counting and the extra cells are really just scar tissue or ......You start with the premise all the brain cells are used to find seeds so more cells must be grown to find more caches. I think that person needs their brain cells checked out. I would just like to end by saying ........ I have a little trouble with this one but next year it will taught in CON-MAN CORE in every school in the land. :lol :lol

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