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Some from today

First three are a pair of sand hill cranes, pretty rare for my area and kind of bad weather for tehm to be this far north, these guys are hanging out in a creek only a mile down the road from me, and I took these from the road, sun was in and out in high clouds, so not too great light until almost sundown

some common mergansers

black ducks

Swans on the move, one right over my head

some Gulls

I went out to teh old boat landing and sat I was watching 5 eagles out in the middle of river sitting on teh ice when I heard some wings woosh, and this guy landed in the tree right next to me, I slowly lifted the camera not ot startle it, and could hardly fit him in my frame, he watched me, but didnt seem to be concerned too much, I even stood up and moved away a little and he still sat there, I waited and waited for him to fly, but he sat for a half hour and then decided to fly back into the sunset instead of where I was looking

Coast Guard Ice Breaker Thunder Bay

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