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Old Blacksmith Shop, and Treasure Story............

The other day, I posted a picture of an old gas station, and an old general store located at an old forgotten farming community a short distance South of San Antonio, Texas. I took a few other pictures that I have not posted because I was not happy with how they looked after I edited them, one of them being the old blacksmith shop.

After several more attempts photo editing the picture of the old blacksmith shop, I have finally decided to post a barely acceptable picture of it. I don't know why this picture was so difficult to edit, maybe it was because of the dreary looking day with the over cast sky, or more likely lack of experience on my part. The years have not been very kind to this old blacksmith shop, and somewhere along the way, someone painted some graffiti on it. I wish that I could have looked inside the old building, see if there were any old relics from the past, but that was not to be.

After I took this picture, I took the picture of the old general store which I have already posted on the Forum. After I took the picture of the old general store, I sat on the tailgate of my pickup truck visiting with my new found friend, David, who was born and raised in this old farming community. During our interesting visit about the history of the community, I asked if there were any ghost stories, or possibly any treasure stories associated with the old community. To my surprise, he said yes, there was an old treasure story told to him when he was a young boy.

I seems that his uncle told him that back in the days when Santa Anna was marching towards San Antonio, that a wealthy Mexican decided to flee San Antonio with his family. He loaded up two wagons with the family belongings which included several bags of gold and silver. They headed Southwest out of San Antonio, and when they reached an area somewhere West of where the the small farming community is now located, they decided to stop and camp there for the night. Unfortunately, they were soon attacked by some Indians. A fierce fight ensued, a fight to the death. During the fight, the Mexicans buried the bags of gold and silver. Sadly, only two Mexicans survived the attack by fleeing and hiding in the brush. One was wounded and did not survive the night. The other Mexican made it safely to San Antonio where he told others about the attack.

David's uncle found out about the buried gold when he was deer hunting with another uncle in the 1940's a short distance West of the small farming community. While hunting, they came across two old wagon wheels and part of an old rifle. It was at this time that the other uncle, who lived in San Antonio, told David's uncle the story about the Indian attack and buried gold and silver. A few weeks later, they decided to go back to the site with shovels to look for the buried treasure. They could not find the site again and soon gave up looking for it. David said that when they deer hunt in that area, they always look for the site with the old wagon wheels, but they have not found it yet. He said that knowing that there may be a treasure buried in that area always adds excitement to the deer hunts. I have no way of verifying this story, only have David's word that it is a true story. I did find the story interesting and wanted to share it with you folks. Wrangler :)

Before I forget, this picture was taken with my Sony A300 DSLR camera using a Minolta 28-85mm lens, F7.1, 1/200, ISO 100, Manual Mode.

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