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The reason for the Rabbit Pen Construction

The photos are to demonstrate an experiment in rabbit husbandry and senility. My father-in-law mated a dutch black lop eared black eyed medium size rabbit with a white New Zealand red eyed long eared rabbit. The lop eared rabbits droop and the New Zealand ears stick up vertically. You can see the results. 11 were born and two died within 3 days leaving 9 healthy ones. The outcome was 4 white, 2 black, 2 black and white, and 1 sable brown. None of the babies have red eyes ... all are black. All their ears are shorter than the New Zealand but stick up vertically and are wider by proportion. Their eyes are so black on the black ones that if they aren't at the right angle to reflect light you can't see them against their fur. Anyway included some photos. Don't think it was easy either. These little buggers are fast. I asked my father-in-law did he want me to advertise any for sale on Craig's List for Easter and he said he wasn't selling any of them. I then asked I know they are only 3 weeks old now but how old do they have to be before we can eat them? He didn't even acknowledge the question and walked off. Boy you sure don't get any appreciation for working in this family for free!

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