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A little off topic, but FREE SNOW...SOME NEW, SOME USED!!

I have a large quantity of snow available for immediate pickup. Most of it has now matured into a heavier, thicker version known as "ice." It is all stored outdoors, in easily accessible locations throughout the area. Some of it is still pristine, in crystalline form, appearing in millions of allegedly unique shapes and patterns (meaning no two alike, but cannot be verified).

You must provide your own labor and transportation for pickup. I also suggest acting immediately because, although there seems to be an unlimited supply right now, and fresh material is arriving right this moment, aggressive investors are counting on this beautiful, 100% organic, fat-free material being rare and highly collectable by July. (Please note, past performance is no guarantee of future value. Mature investors only.)

Sincere inquiries only, please. This ain't freakin funny anymore. :(

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