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I personally think the article is misleading and may be biased. I bet I get criticism on this and that's OK. I can take it. Here's why?

I don't know if he's doing a promo for Sony but it sure looks that way to me. I'm not in disagreement over the things that are stated as being better in a dedicated camera. But its still an unfair misrepresentation of what photography is. In my opinion, taking shots with an I-phone is not photography. It is a true example and definition of a snap shot and that's all. A snapshot may look really nice and contain unbelievable quality. But its still just pointing it and taking whatever comes out of the box. Photography in its truest sense involves thought and trying to achieve the best photo one can get with a specific objective in mind while dealing with whatever constraints exist. Just because the only image recording device one has on them is an I-Phone doesn't make the results photography. A snapshot is just an image! In contrast, Photography is a self directed mixture of science and art to capture an image.

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