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With the amount of hunting I"m going to do any more I'll just use my MXT.
I bought this IDX new from an old friend who was a whites dealer.
He would go out west some where and his wife would sell stuff at a big flea market. He would meet up with a whites engineer friend and they would go detectin and try to figure out how to improve the detectors. They came up with these mods on the IDX and whites authorized him to sell them. his engineer friend probably help with that.
I've used it along side my brothers MXT and no kiddin, it's almost the depth and sensetivity of the MXT. IT IS HOT.
Also the 8" coil and shaft shipped to ya in original box. If these pictures don' show up, email me and I'll send them to ya. I forgot how to do this
$275 plus shippin IN ORIGINAL wHITE'S BOX

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