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A new batch of custom, hand-made carbon-fiber CTX 3030 lower rods are ready (now also offering two-piece travel rods!)

Hi all!

I have just completed assembly of another batch of my hand-made, high-quality carbon-fiber lower rods for the CTX 3030; rods are in stock and ready to sell. More pictures, as well as detailed information regarding the rods, can be found at my website at Ordering information and a contact email address can be found at the website, as well.

A couple of announcements...


The introductory pricing on the rods has expired; the new, standard pricing on these rods will be $89 plus shipping. HOWEVER, I will offer a 15% discount to all buyers who mention this ad. With the 15% discount, pricing for the rods for TreasureDepot forum members will be $76 plus shipping. I will combine shipping costs for any order of more than one rod.


In addition to standard one-piece rods, am now offering two-piece "travel rods," as a special-order item, to anyone interested. The rods will be exactly the same as a "standard" rod, except that a threaded, stainless-steel connector is used, which will allow the rod to be disassembled into two, roughly 16" pieces. Travel rods will normally sell for $135 plus shipping, but TreasureDepot forum members mentioning this ad will receive the same 15% discount as offered on the regular rods. With the 15% discount, pricing for these two-piece rods will be $115 plus shipping.

Finally, I can send a small sample piece of the carbon-fiber tubing used to build the rods, to anyone who is interested. Please contact me, if interested in a sample.



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