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Re: Whites coin master GT and 2 coils

I own a White's Coinmaster GT...and can say it is a very nice machine for its $400 new price point. The "GT" version expanded the ground balancing range and allowed for salt beach operation. White's even added a "BEACH" button to the machine. I have used mine on land and beach...and it IS A VERY RESPECTABLE MACHINE IN ALL RESPECTS. This is a very good buy IMHO at this price, especially with an extra coil!

NOTE: IF YOU DO BUY THIS MACHINE... OR HAVE ONE, OR THE WHITE'S SPECTRUM LINE... I HAVE A ---NEL "BIG" COIL--- THAT IS FOR SALE TODAY FOR THE 1ST TIME. IT ADDED REALLY --BIG-- DEPTH TO DEEPER TARGETS...AND AT LEAST A COUPLE INCHES --EASY-- TO THE COIN DEPTH. One thing about NEL...these bigger coils most definitely add depth, practical depth, and somehow they maintain there ability to pick up very small targets! Waterproof and totally quiet on the White's Coinmaster I took mine to the beach a few times,' and the first thing I found was a dime down about 6" inches. So even the pinpointing is good on a big coil like this. I paid about $215+$30 shipping for this NEL "BIG" MODEL... LIKE NEW...WILL SELL FOR $150 shipped. Email please for pics...

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