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Used Trade In Detectors FS!

Nice XP Deus! It has the 11"coil, WS5 headphones, and remote! The Deus has a little over 2 years of warranty left! It will also come with a "Protector" remote cover, coil cover, wall charger, 3 way USB cable, computer cable, leather remote hip mount holster, WS5 bag, instruction manual, original receipt, and the original box. Only $899.00!

Troy Shadow X2! It is in nice condition! The X2 will come with the Super 9" Coil. Only $299.00! I also have a used 4" 5 pin Tesoro coil that I will include with the Shadow X2 for only $35.00 more!

Fisher 1280-X! It is in nice condition! The face of the control box looks new! It has a Los Banos serial number sticker. The original owner epoxied the coil cover onto the coil. The 1280 comes with a black 8" coil, black headphones, but no upper or lower rods. Only $199.00!

The prices include free shipping in the US! International Shipping will be the actual shipping costs. I can take a credit/debit card by phone at 918-906-9912, PayPal, check, or money order as payment. Email me at or call me if you have any questions about anything. Thanks for looking and supporting the Depot Sponsors!

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