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Custom Built CTX 3030 Graphite Lower Rod's

Steve's getting ready to put together a second batch of CTX 3030 lower rods. Contact him via his profile / username "sgoss66" and place your order before they're gone and you'll have to wait for him to build another batch. If your having trouble locating his profile / username, then email me and I'll hook you up with him. I assure you I'm getting nothing in return for posting this, he's a friend and I ordered two (2) lower rods from him for my 6 and 17 inch coils and after seeing how well constructed they were and the price were unbelievable compared to the factory ones, I decided to help spread the word!!! I can honestly attest, that not only are they much, much cheaper than the factory rods, the quality and construction of his graphite lower rod's rival their factory built Minelab counterparts!!! Thanks for your time... "D"

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