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FS: New 'black' version Tesoro Vaquero w/2 coils

I have one of the new 'black' version Vaquero's that I used as a demonstrator with other detectors in a seminar. Then I boxed it back up and it includes the standard 8X11 RSD Double-D search coil. Also included in the 'package' is a CORS Fortune coil. This is the same as the NEL Sharpshooter DD coil and is in the factory box and ready-to-go with the Vaquero. I already have my own 'black' Vaquero in my personal detector battery and I can attest to the in-the-field performance these units provide.

I need to thin out several detectors that are in excess of my 13 Regular-Use Units, so here's a nice newer model with extra coil for only $395 ... and that includes delivery in the lower 48 states. I only accept cash or US Postal Money Orders, and if you send payment via Priority Mail that's how I will mail the detector package out for faster delivery. Tracking Number provided.

If interested, please e-mail me at: ... or ...



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