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FS: Boxed Teknetics T2 'Classic' w/3 search coils

Yes, I said 3-coil 'package' because this virtually new Tek. T2 'Classic' comes with the standard 11" BiAxial search coil, and included with it are two very popular NEL aftermarket search coils. These are the smaller elliptical 'Snake' coil and the mid-size elliptical 'Sharpshooter' coil, both of which are Double-D design coils.

I put in a fresh set of alkaline batteries for a little evaluation and for use in a small group presentation I gave in late August. This unit and a few others were used by attendees during the hour or so outdoor detecting session in a grassy area. The T2 looks perfect and works as it should and is in 'as new' condition. This is the newer 'Classic' version in the nice green housing like they started out with. I then boxed all of this 'package' up and offered it for sale for $500 delivered in the lower 48 states.

I was gone hunting, then winter arrived, and now spring weather is arriving so I'll offer this whole 'package' again. Hey! At this price for a 3-coil package, someone ought to add a 'back-up' T2 'Classic' to their detector arsenal! Have a 2nd T2 with a different coil mounted and ready-to-go, kind of like I do with my Impact, Relic, CoRe and MX-7 models that I have 2 of each in my arsenal.

Delivered in the lower 48 states via USPS via Priority Mail, this Teknetics T2 'Classic' w/NEL Snake & Sharpshooter coils can be yours for only $425, cash or US Postal Money Order.

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