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Compass Yukon

This machine is in pretty good shape for being 40 yrs old, It is the same detector as the famous Yukon 77B but it is hip mounted so they designated it the 76B. It is virtually the same machine without the wrist breaking rod setup. This is the only one I have seen so they must be kind of rare. It works just fine, I have tested it. I will also include an additional 8" working coil just like the one thats on it. It has some chipped paint on the edges but I don't see any rust and the battery compartment is clean. It was taken care of. I have had a few Compass 100 KHZ machines and they do pick in iron really good, you get about 6" of depth out of them. It could use some new battery holders but you can get them on ebay for about 4 bucks a piece. It runs on 12 AAs. Asking 175.00 O.B.O. Paypal FF or add 3% to price. Thanks.

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