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Used Trade In Detectors FS!

Los Banos Fisher CZ5/3D! This CZ 5 was converted into a CZ3D by Tom Dankowski. He also certified that it will get a dime at 11.4"! The CZ is in pretty nice condition! It will come with the stock 8" coil. Only $399.00!

Whites MXT E-Series! This isn't the prettiest MXT but it works fine and has found lots of relics. The screen doesn't have a scratch! It will come with the stock 950 coil w/cover, new arm cuff, and an alkaline battery box. Only$175.00!

Tesoro Vaquero! This in really nice condition! It will come with the stock 9 x 8" coil w/cover, instruction manual, and the original box. Only $249.00!

The prices include free shipping in the US! International Shipping will be the actual shipping costs. I can take a credit/debit card by phone at 918-906-9912, PayPal, check, or money order as payment. Email me at or call me if you have any questions about anything. Thanks for looking and supporting the Depot Sponsors!

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