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Research Books For Sale - Batch # 01

I have the following Research Books, from my personal library, for sale. Excellent condition from a non-smoking home. All of the books are Hard cover with mylar protected dust jackets. Price includes shipping to CONUS, using the following payment methods; USPS Money Order, Personal check, PayPal "Friends/Family" type payment, or add 3% for PayPal "Goods/Services" type payment.

"Five Years a Dragoon, '49 - '54, and Other Adventures on the Great Plains" - By Percival G. Lowe. $20.

Percival G. Lowe spent nearly twenty years traveling the Great Plains, first as a dragoon recruit then as a master of transportation, and finally as the operator of a freighting company. His recollections cover the period between the Mexican War and the Civil War when the frontier army was concerned with establishing outposts in the vast new territory of the West. Lowe was one of 270 soldiers assigned to a meeting of sixty thousand Indians near Fort Laramie in August, 1851, to promote peace among the tribes and between them and the government. He was in charge of securing supplies for building Fort Riley, Kansas, when one of the worst cholera epidemics in the history of the army broke out. The first job of his freighting company was to transport mining equipment to the Pikes Peak area during the Colorado Gold Rush. Lowe's accounts vividly portray the life of a recruit and a civilian during a stirring period.

"Stampede to Timberline - The Ghost Towns and Mining Camps of Colorado" - By Muriel Sibell Wolle. $20.

This book includes the story of 240 of Colorado's mining camps, with emphasis on the human side. The men who swarmed to the mountains to find precious metal came in successive waves from the late 1850s on, combing the gulches, scrambling over the passes and climbing the peaks. Their story is full of adventurous chances, lucky strikes, boom conditions, reckless spending, banditry, claim jumping, railroad wars and labor troubles.The author searched the Colorado Rockies from the time she saw and sketched her first ghost town until she had rediscovered and painted the vanishing mining camps. Twenty-two maps give the location of each one and serve as a guide for those who want to reach them by car or jeep, by horseback or on foot.

The hardships of the early prospectors, the strikes they made, the gold and silver mines they uncovered, the towns they established, and the rise and fall of their fortunes are vividly recorded. Names and dates are given of the earliest finds, of the most important mines and the money they made, of the newspapers printed, and of the hotels, churches and theaters erected. The difficult supply routes into the rocky vastness are also clearly traced. But all these facts are humanized by an author who is an artist rather than a historian, and to whom all this mining in the Colorado Rockies is essentially the story of heroic pioneer effort of the men and women behind the deeds.The book contains 212 separate sketches made by the artist-author on the spot.

"Timberline Tailings - Tales of Colorado's Ghost Towns and Mining Camps" - By Muriel Sibell Wolle. $20.

Timberline Tailings is a follow-up volume which the author published in 1977, after years of receiving letters from people who related their own stories, directions and data about Colorado mining camps after reading Stampede to Timberline.

Buy both "Stampede to Timberline" and "Timberline Tailings" for $35.

Not interested in trading.

Thanks for looking...

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