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Bad Biz Alert ! Keith at Broken Detectors in Gilmer Texas...

Seems he has no regard for ready to pay customers. Some of you will remember that back in mid September, I had asked "Who can do repairs on a shadow X5 ? " It began to sound odd, & just quit while I was idly buzzing a flea market field.
Keith had a few folks that recommended him for the job. Well... I sent out the detector & a set of Troy headphones to get them repaired. The post office said the delivery would be by sept 16th. No prob... since that was a Saturday,
I allowed til monday before checking on it. The package had arrived.
A short call with Keith quickly had us on the same page. I checked in every 4 or 5 days for his update, since I use that machine a LOT ! Today was at least the 29th day Keith had my detector at his shop. Any guesses as to what he had accomplished when I called him again this afternoon? Right... Not A Damn Thing! Keith has never even called me Once with some info. I went off & demanded him to sent it back. Let's see how this turns out. Meanwhile , I do NOT encourage anyone to do business with this slacker ! He was fully aware that it was my favorite detector. How would YOU feel if it happened to you ?

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