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Question for you non-metered Tesoro users if you please..

Hi Folks,
If its ok i would like to ask the Tesoro users a question. I am thinking of putting together a small plastic box with 4 different color LED on the front and a flip switch on the side.. Under each LED is a coin denomination - penny, nickel, dime and quarter. This led will light up only when that particular coin is passed over just like a regular digital vdi but its LED. Now each led has 2 small adjustments on the back that basically allows you to notch in only that coin and you can make small adjustments if you like to widen or narrow the window for that coin.... The adjustments are very simple to make and there is only 2 small wires that come from the box... One goes to the center tap of your discrimination potentiometer and the other goes to any ground point you have on the detector...And if you didnt want to use penny for the first LED you could use a gold ring or any other item you would like to find and notch only that target in... I am most likely going to make one for a Tesoro I have and if anyone would like one for their Tesoro they would be no more than $20 shipped. I hope it was ok to ask because if someone else can benefit and would like a simple but effective LED target id then thats awesome. Thanks for the Depot and the years of awesome service and a great site..

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