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Etrac and accessories

Used Etrac and accessories. I am at least the second owner. I am selling to reduce my machine count, my knees are not doing too good and I'm tired of digging deep! Plus I'm on a kick this year playing with vintage analog machines when I do manage to get out.

The Etrac serial number is 022349. I called Minelab and all they could tell me is that it was made before 2010 in Malaysia. It has cosmetic wear and tear but works fine. It's pretty much in the same condition when I bought it a couple of years ago. I put Zagg film over the entire display including buttons. Includes two factory rechargeable batteries, charger, two AA battery packs, manual, spare coil bolt, spare cam lock parts, Exchange CD. USB cable included but not pictured. I charged both ML batteries and ran each in the machine for over 3 hours indoors with the backlight on and occasional chirping. Not the same as all out searching but I wanted to see if either battery appeared weak. Both showed at least half battery remaining but if I remember right one battery was a little bit stronger than the other but still serviceable. I've used the RNB battery (optional below) for the last year so I haven't used the factory batteries for some time. $700 with economy shipping continental US.

Also for sale - if you want to combine a package of machine and accessories we should be able to work something out. The items below will be sold separately after the detector goes. I think the person buying the detector should have first dibs and it makes things simple.

RNB 3100 battery with charger, 1 year old. I don't have the car charger handy but if I find it will include it - $110 incl shipping CONUS.
Herke cuff - with neoprene pad and strap - not sure if it's the original Herke pad. If you hate the factory Etrac cuff for being too narrow you should like this one - $40 incl shipping CONUS.
Upper rod for Explorer series (white) - also works with Etracs - $35 incl shipping CONUS.

I'm not looking for trades. Let me know if you want more /different pictures or have questions or offers. Once the detector sells I will update the post specifying the remaining items.

Payment by friends/family paypal or USPS MO. Regular paypal add the usual 3% fees to the payment.

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