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AKA Signum MFD

Just testing the waters here to see if there is any interest. I have a brand new AKA Signum MFD that was purchased from RIVER TEAM SIX METAL DETECTORS on 12/13/2016. The detector has been assembled, used in the house, but never used in the field. It came with a 11" (7khz) DD coil. I have three additional coils that I bought previously when I had a Sorex Pro: 6x10 (14khz) DD, 10" (7khz) DD, and a 6" (14khz) DD coil. They may show some minor use because I did use my Sorex in the field. Also have 2 extra lower rods. I'm looking for either a Whites V3i wireless setup or a Minelab CTX 3030. Let me know the condition of your unit and if there is any remaining warranty. Will sell outright, but would rather work a trade. Will load pictures if there is interest.

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