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Update on Depth Devil and Minelab Detectors

Hi Fellas,
Been dealing with some personal and family issues but back at it. I have had a lot of emails asking if the Depth Devil will work with Minelab detectors. After a lot of work and help from a few really nice people the Depth Devil will now work with the Minelab GPX 5000 and the SDC3000. A friend who helped has both machines and it works great. Now I have not been able to check to see if the Depth Devil works with other Minelab machines but I would assume it would. If you would like one for your Minelab or other detector just let me know. I will be doing things a little different this time around as I think it will be easier not only on my but the customer as well. If you would like a Depth Devil just send me an email. I do not ask for payment first but when I have your Depth Devil finished and ready i will send you a return email and then you can send payment and i will ship your unit. I think this will make things easier all the way around. If you have any questions please feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer your email as soon as I can. The Depth Devil will be just $45 dollars. A few friends have said I should ask more because there are a few signal amps for the Minelabs that are a few hundred dollars but i am satisfied with asking what i do. Thanks to those who helped me along the way with your input you dont know how much that means. Thanks.

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